19th IPNA Congress
Calgary, Canada

Virtual Platform - Speaker Instructions



  1. Please log in to the Hybrid Platform (click on Login in the upper right corner and use the e-mail address linked to your registration account).
    Your password will be sent to you via e-mail automatically upon the first login attempt.
    Please note that the login details to the Online Congress Hub are different from the IPNA 2022 Portal that you used until now. Make sure to check your spam folder (if needed) for the new password.
  3. Go through all the steps. You will be automatically guided through all the required technical checks (browser, connection, camera, microphone).
  4. Use the “speaker preview“ at the end of the process to see what the speaker interface will look like once you join the live session.
    1. For the test to be relevant, please make sure you are using the same computer and connection (network) that you will be using during the Congress.
    2. For the best possible compatibility and correct function of the entire system, please use Windows or Mac OS X (not iOS on iPad or iPhone).
    3. Chrome or MS Edge browsers are recommended for the smoothest experience. Other older browsers may not work correctly. Be sure to have your browser updated to the latest version.


Please have your PowerPoint presentation prepared as soon as possible and uploaded in the virtual platform. Please upload it before the Congress starts (by 6 September).
To upload your presentation, click on "Presentation Upload" button.

On this page you can upload your presentation:

  •  We strongly recommend saving your phone number (including the country calling code) into your communication details (Personal data) so that the technician can call you if necessary.


10 minutes before your session starts, open MY REMOTE PARTICIPATION and click on ENTER THE SESSION button to join the particular session.

After you join the virtual room:

  • Our technician will welcome you and guide you through the interface.
  • Once the session starts, a chair will introduce each speaker.
  • Our technician will load your uploaded presentation into the virtual room and you will be able to advance the slides. Please note that you will not be able to see the speaker notes.
  • Participants will be watching the live stream and can type in questions. Chair(s) can use them for the panel discussion at the end of your presentation.
  • If there is not enough time for Q&A due to a delay, the audience can use Discussion tab dedicated to each presentation. The discussion can be found under each presentation separately by clicking on the presentation title. This discussion will continue even after the live session.

In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at speakers@ipna2022.org.