19th IPNA Congress
Calgary, Canada


IPNA 2022
Detailed Program


Congress Day 1: Friday 9 September 2022


Plenary Room

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Ask the Expert:

Cardiovascular disease in childhood chronic kidney disease (CKD): A life course approach

Ask the Expert:

Severe hypertension in particular settings

Ask the Expert:

Controversies in management of tubular disorders: Potassium targets

Ask the Expert:

Transition: Do not forget the front line

Ask the Expert:

Novel diagnostics and biomarkers in kidney transplantation


Elaine Ku:

Trends in cardiovascular mortality in children and young adults on dialysis

Youfa Wang:

Emerging role of obesity in hypertensive children

Daniel Landau:

Potassium: Target normal levels

John Mahan:

Behavioral approaches to chronic kidney disease in adolescence

Tom Blydt-Hansen:

Urine metabolomics for noninvasive monitoring of graft integrity


Tuula Holtta:

The impact of childhood CKD on cardiovascular disease in adulthood

Timothy Bunchman:

Treating blood pressure in children with phaeochromocytoma

Catherine Clase and Rahul Chanchlani

Potassium: Normalization is not necessary

Susan Samuel:

Primary care during transition

Maral Baghai Arassi:

The role of the intestinal microbiome in paediatric kidney transplantation


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State of the Art

Agnes Fogo:

Tubulo-glomerular cross talk



State of the Art

Daniel Cattran:

Perspectives of glomerular diseases from childhood to adult life



Poster Intro



Nutritional Break and Poster Viewing in Exhibition Hall




Acute kidney injury in neonates: New advancements and those yet to be achieved


Prevention of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in under-resourced countries


Ethical issues in paediatric nephrology


Lupus (SLE) nephritis


Improving transition to adult care


David Askenazi:

Epidemiology of neonatal acute kidney injury

Paulo Cesar Koch Nogueira:

Detection of early clinical hallmarks of CKD

Charlotte Gimpel:

Ethical issues in diagnosing ADPKD in children and adolescents

Dieter Haffner:

Treatment of lupus nephritis: Lessons from paediatric registries and adult studies

Maria Diaz-Gonzalez de Ferris:

Assessing transition readiness


Michelle Starr:

Gaps in diagnosis and management: Role of integrated multidisciplinary rounds

Pepe Ekulu Mfutu:

Early markers of HIV nephropathy

Aaron Wightman:

Perinatal nephrology ethics

Scott Wenderfer:

Crescentic lupus nephritis

Arvind Nagra:

Transition frameworks


Nilzete Liberato Bresolin:

Peritoneal dialysis in neonatal acute kidney injury: Indications and limits

Sameh Mabrouk:

Early detection of stone formers

Aviva Goldberg:

Kidney replacement therapy ethics

Hermine Brunner:

Lupus nephritis resistant to conventional treatment

Frederick Kaskel:

Interventions to improve transition


Jennifer Charlton:

Do NICU babies need kidney follow up? Who, when and how?

Nivedita Kamath:

Lowering progression of CKD in low resource countries

Charles Weijer:

Ethical issues in pragmatic trials of therapies

Jianghong Deng:

SLE non-kidney symptoms management

Rob Carroll:

Young adult care


Sponsored Symposia/Lunch in Exhibition Hall


State of the Art

Marianne Verhaar:

Kidney regeneration



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Kidney ciliopathies


Genetics of nephrotic syndrome in peculiar conditions


Drug-induced renal thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA)


IgA vasculitis nephritis (IgAVN): Outcome prediction and treatment


Immunosuppressive therapy in paediatric kidney transplantation


Friedhelm Hildebrandt:

Overview of nephronophthisis and ciliopathies

Matias Simons:

A novel mechanism of albuminuria derived from cubilin dysfunction

Christoph Licht:

Animal models for drug-induced TMA

Xuhui Zhong:

Cohort study of childhood IgAVN in China

Buckhard Tönshoff:

Biologics for CNI-free immunosuppression


Brunella Franco:

Systems and cell biology approaches to understand ciliary networks and function

Stefania Drovandi:

COQ10 synthase deficiencies: Over the counter molecular therapy

Gianluigi Ardissino:

TMA and bone marrow transplantation

Seza Ozen:

Prediction of long-term outcome of IgAVN

Vikas Dharnidharka:

Does steroid-free immunosuppression increase the risk of late acute cellular rejection?


Rannar Airik:

Recent insights into renal ciliopathies from mouse models

Anna Greka:

TRPC Channels in Proteinuric Kidney Diseases

Carla Nester:

Drug induced TMA

Licia Peruzzi:

Indications for treatment and therapeutic choices in IgAVN

Dechu Puliyanda:

Targeting the IL-6 pathway for treatment of chronic active antibody-mediated rejection


Rasheed Gbadegesin:

Unravelling the genetics of steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome in sub-Saharan Africa



Nutritional Break




Chronic kidney disease (CKD): Pathogenesis and consequences


Clinical spectrum of steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS)


Hereditary hypophosphataemic rickets


Bladder dysfunction


Novel developments in transplantation immunology


Franz Schaefer:

International strategies to optimise CKD care

Hugh McCarthy:

Genetic SRNS presenting after one year of age

Francesco Emma:

Clinical practice recommendations for the diagnosis and management of X-linked hypophosphataemia (from a nephrologist's perspective)

Vera Koch:

Neurogenic bladder and its impact through the ages

Chris Wiebe:

Can epitope matching outperform traditional HLA matching?


Susan Furth:

Progression of CKD: Lessons from CKiD

Olivia Boyer:

Congenital nephrotic syndrome: Genotype / phenotype correlations and management strategies

Leanne Ward:

Diagnosis, treatment-monitoring and follow-up of children and adolescents with X-linked hypophosphataemia (from an endocrinologist's perspective)

Johan Vande Walle:

Non-neurogenic bladder dysfunction

Alexander Fichtner:

Non-HLA antibodies pre- and post-transplant


Maren Leifheit-Nestler:

Phosphate is toxic to the kidney

Anna Mason:

Insights from the rare disease registry (RaDaR) on treatment response in SRNS

Clemens Bergwitz:

Hereditary hypophosphataemic rickets with hypercalciuria

Armando Lorenzo:

Outcome of paediatric kidney transplantation in children with bladder abnormalities

Yuko Hamasaki:

ABO incompatible transplantation in children


Justine Bacchetta:

Rare diseases of phosphate and calcium metabolism

Michelle Rheault:

Treatment of SRNS and approach to transplantation





Canadian Association of Paediatric Nephrologists (CAPN) sponsored session on Indigenous Kidney Health


Congress Day 2: Saturday 10 September 2022


Plenary Room

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Ask the Expert:

Useful medications in acute kidney injury (AKI)

Ask the Expert:

News on primary hyperoxaluria

Ask the Expert:

How to improve neonatal nephrology care?

Best Abstracts #1 – Five oral abstracts

Ask the Expert:

COVID-19 and paediatric kidney transplantation


Girish Chandra Bhatt:

Treating neonatal AKI with theophylline 

Yaacov Frishberg:

Novel therapeutic approaches for the primary hyperoxalurias

Arwa Nada:

Utilization of the electronic medical record


Giovanni Montini:

COVID-19 in immunosuppressed children


Michael Zappitelli:

Furosemide in AKI: When, how and why

Elizabeth Harvey:

End points for clinical trials in primary hyperoxaluria

Tahagod Mohamed:

Neonatal nephrology integration program


Lara Danziger-Isakov:

SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in immunosuppressed paediatric patients


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State of the Art

Pierre Ronco:

Membranous nephropathy



IPNA Awards



Poster Intro



Nutritional Break and Poster Viewing in Exhibition Hall




Acute kidney injury in intensive care units


CAKUT: Genetics, models and management


Paediatric kidney replacement therapy (KRT) in lower and middle income countries (LMIC)


Hypertension in children: From newborns to adolescents


Novel therapies for proximal tubular disorders


Stuart Goldstein:

Drug nephrotoxicity: AKI in the PICU

Ruthild Weber:

CAKUT genetics: New insights

Nakysa Hooman:

Paediatric CKD management in Iran

Mieczyslaw Litwin:

Pathophysiology of primary hypertension in children

Michael Barry:

Gene therapy for kidney diseases: Close future or science fiction


Jameela Kari:

AKI and COVID-19

Achia Urbach:

Modeling CAKUT using embryonic stem cells and kidney organoids

Adanze Asinobi:

Overcoming barriers to RRT for paediatric acute kidney injury in low resource settings: Experience from Ibadan, Nigeria

Joseph Flynn:

The hypertensive infant

Stephanie Cherqui:

Stem cell gene therapy for cystinosis


Stephen Marks:

AKI in transplant recipients

Andreas Schedl:

What do we learn from mouse models of CAKUT?

Mignon McCulloch:

Challenges to paediatric kidney transplantation in under resourced regions

Przemko Kwinta:

Hypertension and kidney outcomes in preterm infants

Nana Sakakibara:

News about pathogenesis of Dent disease 2 and Lowe syndrome


Michael Somers:

Electrolyte disorders in AKI

Steve Alexander:

Clinical integration of genome diagnostics for CAKUT

Arpana Iyengar:

Kidney transplantation in LMIC: India

Empar Lurbe:

HiperChildNET: Looking into the future of hypertension in children and adolescents

Olivier Devuyst:

Novel therapies for Lowe syndrome and Dent disease


IPNA General Assembly with lunch


State of the Art

Ali Gharavi:

The genomics era



Move to Breakout Rooms




Cardiovascular disease in children with chronic kidney disease (CKD)


Haemolytic uraemic syndromes (HUS)


IgA nephropathy (IgAN)


Obstructive uropathy


Successes and remaining challenges in paediatric kidney transplantation


Dorota Drozdz:

Endothelial dysfunction: An early phase of cardiovascular disease

Akira Ashida:

Infection associated HUS

Krzysztof Kiryluk:

Genetic risk for IgAN

David Somerset:

Fetal interventions for obstructive uropathy

Bethany Foster:

An overview of short- and long-term survival after kidney transplantation in children


Rukshana Shroff:

Bone-heart axis in CKD

Veronique Fremeaux-Bacchi:

Update on the genetics of aHUS

Sean Barbour:

Predicting IgAN progression in children

Chryso Katsoufis:

Neonatal biomarkers of CKD progression

Anna Francis:

Risk of cancer after paediatric kidney transplantation


Mark Mitsnefes:

Can we do more to reduce cardiovascular mortality in ESKD?

Bora Gulhan:

aHUS longterm follow-up

Koichi Nakanishi:

Treatment overview of paediatric IgAN

Adrian Woolf:

Molecular therapy: new hope for treating renal tract malformations

Anette Melk:

Cardiovascular disease in transplanted children


Paola Romagnani:

New drugs not targeting IgA production for IgAN


Jaap Willem Groothoff:

Life participation, vocational outcomes and neurocognitive impact of kidney transplantation


Nutritional Break




Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD)


Dialysis: New perspectives


Global perspectives of childhood kidney care


Pathogenesis of steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome (SSNS): An update


Long-term outcomes in tubular disorders


Laura Massella:

Cardiac abnormalities in children with ARPKD

Enrico Vidal:

New horizons in dialysis technologies

Jie Ding:

Diagnosis and treatment of childhood CKD in China

Matthew Sampson:

Genetic aspect of SSNS

Elena Levtchenko:

Outcomes in cystinosis: Can we predict them?


Erum Hartung:

Predictors of progression in ARPKD

Marcin Tkaczyk:

Telemedicine: New perspectives in patient care

Felicia Elke:

Paediatric RRT in Africa: challenges and potential solution

Moin Saleem:

Circulating factors and podocyte cell biology in SSNS

Sonia Sharma:

Outcomes in nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI)


Max Christoph Liebau:

Outcomes after very early bilateral nephrectomies in ARPKD

Fabio Paglialonga:

What is adequate dialysis?

Melvin Bonilla-Felix:

Pediatric Nephrology in Low-Resource Regions: When Nature Strikes Back

Marina Vivarelli:

Immunologic aspects of SSNS

Rosa Vargas-Poussou:

Outcomes in distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA)


Guillaume Dorval:

Long-term kidney and liver outcomes in children with ARPKD

Meredith Atkinson:

What is new in anaemia management?

Ali Asghar Lanewala:

Public-private partnership in health care: Providing quality care in limited resourced regions

Tim Ulinski:

Viruses and the nephrotic syndrome

Arend Bokenkamp:

Outcomes in Lowe syndrome (OCRL mutations)




IPNA Networking Reception at Studio Bell (Canadian National Music Centre)


Congress Day 3: Sunday 11 September 2022


Plenary Room

Break Out 1

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Ask the Expert:

Environmental challenges to kidney health: Lessons from Central/South America

Ask the Expert:

Atypical haemolytic uraemic syndromes (aHUS): Specific issues

Ask the Expert:

Electro-light and tubulopathies: Expert consensus opinions

Best Abstracts #2 – Five oral abstracts

Ask the Expert:

What can the registries tell us about kidney transplantation in the 21st century?


Jaime Manuel Restepo:

Impact of the environment: AKI in children

Larry Greenbaum:

Long acting C5 inhibition in aHUS

Martin Konrad:

Expert consensus opinion on diagnosis and treatment of Bartter syndrome


Alicia Neu:

Benchmarking transplant program outcomes: Can we and should we?


Vicente Sanchez-Polo:

Mesoamerican nephropathy

Arvind Bagga:

Anti-factor H associated HUS

Detlef Bockenhauer:

Expert consensus opinion on diagnosis and treatment of dRTA


Jerome Harambat:

Donor and recipient factors predicting a good long-term transplantation outcome


Move to Plenary Room


State of the Art

David Wheeler:

Effects of SGLT2 inhibitors in chronic kidney disease



Poster Intro



Nutritional Break and Poster Viewing in Exhibition Hall




Advances in mineral metabolism in childhood chronic kidney disease (CKD)


Genetics for the clinician


Glomerular basement membrane (GBM) diseases: Alport and Pierson syndromes


Novel strategies for kidney transplantation


Paediatric urinary tract infection (UTI)


Rosa Moyses:

Biomarkers of bone turnover and mineralisation in children on dialysis

Cathy Quinlan:

When to order a genetic test and which?

Rachel Lennon:

Advancements and unmet needs in Alport syndrome

Dechu Puliyanda:

The highly sensitised paediatric recipient

Catharina Svanborg:

Genetic risk factors for UTIs


Michelle Denburg:

Variability of measures of mineral metabolism on maintenance haemodialysis: impact on clinical decision making

Nine Knoers:

Getting it right: Antenatal diagnosis and genetic counselling

Oliver Gross:

New treatment options for Alport syndrome

Luca Dello Strologo:

Limiting the risk of recurrent disease in kidney allografts

Catherine Forster:

Urobiome in children with a complex urinary tract


Nonnie Polderman:

The dietary management of calcium and phosphorus in children with CKD

Julia Hoefele:

What happens in the lab: The mystery of variant annotation

Kandai Nozu:

Pierson syndrome: Genetic conditioning and clinical features

Minnie Sarwal:

Non-invasive post-transplant monitoring

John David Spencer:

Ribonuclease and urinary tract infections


Lars Pape:

Do protocol biopsies improve long-term transplant outcomes?



Sponsored Symposia / Lunch in Exhibition Hall


Move to Breakout Rooms




CAKUT: Long-term outcomes


News in kidney replacement treatment (KRT) for children


Renovascular hypertension and midaortic syndrome


B cell depleting therapy in nephrotic syndrome


Autosomal dominant tubulointerstitial kidney disease (ADTKD)


Karen Moritz:

Developmental origin of kidney dysfunction in CAKUT

Bradley Warady:

Peritoneal dialysis: Lessons from registries

Jillian Warejko:

Genetic testing in the diagnosis of reno-vascular hypertension

Claire Dossier:

Global anti-B cell strategy for difficult to treat SDNS

Matthias Wolf:

Overview of ADTKD (including MUC1)


Michiel Schreuder:

Kidney injury in children with a congenital solitary functioning kidney

Sidharth Sethi:

Advances in prolonged intermittent kidney replacement therapy (PIKRT) in the paediatric patient

Rulan Parekh:

Medical management and outcomes of renovascular hypertension

Rajiv Sinha:

Early use of rituximab in calcineurin inhibitor-refractory and SRNS

Gema Ariceta:



Maria Herthelius:

Antenatally detected urinary tract dilatation: Long-term follow up

Rupesh Raina:

KRT in inborn errors of metabolism

Kjell Tullus:

Role of angioplasty and interventional radiology

Pietro Ravani:

Long-term outcome of repeated courses of rituximab for difficult FRNS/SDNS

Nikhita Bolar:

Expertise in ADTKD and the SEC61A variant


Douglas Matsell:

Predicting outcomes and improving care in children with CAKUT


Khashayar Vakilli:

Autotransplantation and novel surgical approaches

Kazumoto Iijima:

MMF after rituximab for complicated FRNS/SDNS



Move to Plenary Room


State of the Art

Katherine Barraclough:

Green nephrology



Congress Closing


The above program is subject to change until the final program is announced.